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Character and Citizenship Education 

Key Personnel

Head of  Department Mdm Nadera Bawany

Subject Head (People Leadership/ Community Involvement programme)

Mrs Joycelyn Lok
Subject Head (Character and Citizenship Education /CME)  Ms Suganthi
Senior Teacher (Learning Support) Mrs Chon AK


To develop each child socially and emotionally so that he/ she will always display love and care for his/her family, school and country and possess the wisdom to do what is right.



At the end of six years of education in White Sands Primary School, our pupils will be able to:

 Display care for themselves, their family, friends and teachers as well as other people around them

 Model desired behaviours in different situations

 Take responsibility for their actions and reflect on the correct course of action

 Display loyalty to school and country through the values inculcated

 Be gracious in all that they do


Character Development Framework













The White Sands Primary School Character Development Programme (CDP) is rooted in the school's Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Rallying Together. It comprises 5 domains:

Character Education

Developmental Discipline & Pupil Well-Being

Pupil Leadership

National Education


The programmes in these domains seek to develop in our pupils the 21st century skills which include the social-emotional competencies, informational and communication skills, civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills as well as creative and critical thinking skills. These domains support the values and qualities in the Desired Outcomes of Education and seek to realize the C2015 outcomes of a confident person, self-directed learner, concerned citizen and active contributor in every child. To successfully achieve the desired outcomes in the pupils, the commitment of the Pupils, the School Leaders, the Teachers and the Partners is critical.


Key Programmes

Citizenship Education (NE) 

In White Sands, pupils will be provided with a rich experience and growth in all the three NE domains viz our NE values of Active Citizens, Expanded World View and Social Cohesion where everyone unite as one to achieve the C2015 Desired Outcomes.

Our NE Intent is realized through various NE related programmes such as Total Defence Day (TT)D, International Friendship Day (IFD) , Racial Harmony Day (RHD) and National Day Celebration. Our annual signature event, Project Shine, provides a platform for pupils to put into practice their caring hearts, creative minds and confident personalities, thereby enabling us to achieve the C2015 outcomes of nurturing concerned citizens who are active contributors. 


Character Education (CE)

The school delivers its SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) lessons via the ‘Growing a Big Heart' package designed by our own teachers. From 2011, this package complements the Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) packages implemented by Guidance Branch (MOE)



Educational Career Guidance (ECG)

ECG is a developmental process which facilitates the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable students to better understand themselves and explore viable education and career options. ECG provides social emotional learning experiences to build self-confidence, increase motivation and answer questions on why come to school issues & concerns. The school launched its ECG programme in 2008. Every pupil from P5 & P6 goes through the programme and is given a password to access the ECG portal to further their learning outside the classroom.


Pupil Leadership (PL)

We believe that every child has unique talents and abilities that can be developed to his/her fullest potential. We hold to the belief, ‘Every Pupil a Leader' and strive to develop every pupil's potential as far as possible. We work towards providing our pupils with the necessary training, opportunities and platforms to grow their leadership skills and nurture them to become effective leaders who are confident to face the challenges ahead.